Dear friends in Christ

Dear Friends in Christ,

As I write this message, it is well below zero. Snow and ice cover the ground. However, there is goodness in this season. Chickadees, cardinals, sparrows, and finches flitter cheerfully to eat the birdseed I put out for them. Their lovely colours are like jewels against the snowy landscape. The days are getting longer, and when the sunshine hits the snow, it glistens and sparkles. Under the snow, the plants and flowers are sleeping, waiting for spring to wake them up to seek the sun and rain. We look for beauty in our surroundings.

At our little blue church on the hill, we are a community of faith that rejoices in worship. In our wonderful, choir led singing we are praying twice, and our church rings out with music each Sunday. We reflect on the Word, and draw strength from the timelessness of the Bible’s teachings. We adore having the joyful voices of children in our Light filled Sanctuary. All are welcome and respected.

When we leave worship on Sundays we are entering the “Outreach Zone”. Queenswood is a hard working faith community that puts faith into action. There are too many activities we participate in, or sponsor, to mention. Some of the highlights are fundraising, catering, and caring about Seniors and others at risk. We have a community garden that provides produce to the local food bank. We have a vision that calls us to live God’s Dream.

Queenswood United Church excels at pastoral care.  It is a particular strength for this family of faith. Leading worship at the Queenswood Villa, driving folks to appointments, and just caring, and looking after each other are ways of being pastoral. I like to visit folks in their homes, and share a prayer. 

We value our volunteers. They are what make Queenswood the vibrant, thriving church community we are proud to be. Your gifts and talents will find a home with us. Come out, and join us on a Sunday morning.  All who believe in the Risen Christ are invited. Accept the invitation!

Blessings to all.

Reverend Nancy Best