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Mission Statement

At Queenswood United Church we serve God by taking care of God’s creation. We help those in need, we nurture the young, and we support our immediate community and the world community.  We are conscientious stewards of God’s planet.  Our service is centred in a commitment to living Christ’s love for all.  It is nourished within an informal but meaningful worship life and a relationship with each other that is open, inquiring and accepting. 


Community Statement

We are a member congregation of the United Church of Canada. We are grounded in Christian tradition and are open to the truths of other faiths. We are a small, energetic and friendly community of faith who find joy, support and strength in worshipping and working together. Our church family is precious to us. We strive to be faithful servants of God in our time and place. We welcome all who quest sincerely to join us in our faith journey.

Who we are

We are an engaged community of faith, finding Christian Fellowship in our activities together.

We are welcoming.

We are open, accepting, respectful and sincere.

We are seekers, striving to understand God’s Will for us.

We are nurturers of God’s creation.

We are a loving community in Christ.

What we believe

We believe that we are not alone, that we live in God’s world.

We believe that God bears unconditional love, mercy and compassion for all in all of creation.

We believe that we are called by God to act in love.

We believe that we are the hands and feet of God to serve others.

We believe that the challenge of growing our faith is a life-long journey, and that we are greatly enriched by sharing that journey within community.

We believe that, with God’s help, we can make a difference.

How we practice

We take care of each other, in prayer and in practice.

At worship we pray, sing, laugh, celebrate and reflect on the Word of God.

We have a strong ministry of music.

We provide a safe place to practice and explore.

We focus on living Christ’s teachings through our actions.

We continue our strong tradition of outreach to the greater community.

We accept that we are blessed to be able to share our gifts with one another and with all creation.

We celebrate the gift of God’s grace.

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Matthew 25:23
His master said to him, “Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been trustworthy in a few things, I will put you in charge of many things; enter into the joy of your master.”

It was with joy and excitement that we began our year 2017 together. The Queenswood church family had come through a period of a couple years of transition, and temporary ministers. It was good to look ahead, knowing we have stable leadership.

Reflecting on the year past has been an encouraging exercise. We have achieved some major milestones. Paying off the Chapel Debt was a huge burden lifted, and a time for fellowship and jubilation as the mortgage was burnt.

I chose this Scripture from Matthew due to the many good works done by Queenswood United Church. We have been flourishing in many, and keep adding others, such as expanding our Community garden and adding the Indigenous Three Sisters Garden.

New ways of collaborating with the other denominations in Orleans was successful. We were able to offer the clients and staff of the Montfort Renaissance Recovery Residence both Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey dinners. With Orleans United Church and Community Pentecostal Church we led a series of workshops for people who are caregivers to family members. It was wonderful to see the cooperation between churches, and the friendships and support that developed.

Worship is a highlight of our life together. We have listened to God’s holy and sacred word in a manner of ways, drama, art, preaching, and through the use of technology. What was a delight and surprise to me right from our first service together was the music ministry! I knew we had a choir, but I was not expecting the superior quality of our music. It uplifts me weekly, and my Spirit sings along with it. Queenswood has a particular gift for caring and supporting each other, celebrating joys, and sharing sorrow. What strikes me is the joy with which we gather, and how the Holy Spirit guides and leads us in a happy and cheerful manner. Queenswood is a hardworking community. I take pleasure in watching everyone in action, as each person knows their role, and does it efficiently, and with pleasure. Fundraising keep us financially solvent, and we are exploring other ways of doing that. Our primary partnerships are Centre 501, The Well, and The Cumberland Resource Centre. The upcoming year sees possibilities and consideration of developing some of our church property. This will be done carefully, and with due diligence. Our Ottawa City Councilor, Bob Monette stopped by Queenswood United on December 14, 2017. He wanted to express his support for our development if it is town houses, as opposed to a three story building. I appreciated his visit and candor.

It is with joyous anticipation that I look forward to continuing Living God’s Dream with you in 2018,

Respectfully Submitted by,
Reverend Nancy Best ECE, M/DIV.
The Minister of Queenswood United Church

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

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This past year has been a good one for Queenswood United. Thanks to the good work of Barbara Johns and Steve Williams, one of the highlights was the retirement of the church’s debt.

After several years of ministerial instability, we were delighted to officially welcome Rev. Nancy Best to our midst on January 1. Through her delight and amazement with our many accomplishments, particularly music, the congregation has gained a new perspective of itself. Over the summer months, Rev. Nancy was obliged to take some recuperational leave. She and her replacement, Rev. Tracey Fairfield, combined seamlessly to provide the church with stable, quality ministry.

The committees all appear to be working smoothly in their various areas of endeavour. To highlight only a few. Under the leadership of the Outreach Committee, Queenswood United continues to excel in its response to community needs. The Pastoral Care Committee sponsored a series of successful workshops on a number of topics and is collaborating with area churches in the care of seniors. They have also embarked on a new initiative known as Renaissance Montfort. We are truly blessed with a Worship Committee which provides the congregation with outstanding worship services week after week. A revitalized committee, Finance, is currently involved in bringing order to the church’s finances.

A group has been formed, that together with EDGE Representative, Bob Richards, will consider a development of the church property that attempts to incorporate the church’s Mission Statement and the Visioning Committee’s guidelines.  Meetings are underway with Windmill Development to explore various options. Council and the congregation will be kept informed of progress.

There are two main concerns regarding Queenswood United, namely declining membership and resources, which must be addressed in the coming year. To investigate a part of the problem, a meeting was called on January 22 to discuss current fund-raising activities.

All in all, despite the stated concerns, the life of Queenswood United continues satisfactorily. This would not be possible without the hard work of a large number of people. These folks devote their time, talent, and resources to our church in many ways, often withoe stable leadership.

Reflecting on the year past has been an encouraging exercise. We have achieved some major milestones. Paying off the Chapel Debt was a huge burden lifted, and a time for fellowship and jubilation as the mortgage was burnt.

I chose this Scripture from Matthew due to the many good works done by Queenswood United Church. We have been flourishing in many, and keep adding others, such as expanding our Community garden and adding the Indigenous Three Sisters Garden.

New ways of collaborating with the other denominations in Orleans was successful. We were able to offer the clients and staff of the Montfort Renaissance Recovery Residence both Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey dinners. With Orleans United Church and Community Pentecostal Church we led a series of workshops for people who are caregivers to family members. It was wonderful to see the cooperation between churches, and the friendships and support that developed.

Worship is a highlight of our life together. We have listened to God’s holy and sacred word in a manner of ways, drama, art, preaching, and through the use of technology. What was a delight and surprise to me right from our first service together was the music ministry! I knew we had a choir, but I was not expecting the superior quality of our music. It uplifts me weekly, and my Spirit sings along with it. Queenswood has a particular gift for caring and supporting each other, celebrating joys, and sharing sorrow. What strikes me is the joy with which we gather, and how the Holy Spirit guides and leads us in a happy and cheerful manner. Queenswood is a hardworking community. I take pleasure in watching everyone in action, as each person knows their role, and does it efficiently, and with pleasure. Fundraising keep us financially solvent, and we are exploring other ways of doing that. Our primary partnerships are Centre 501, The Well, and The Cumberland Resource Centre. The upcoming year sees possibilities and consideration of developing some of our church property. This will be done carefully, and with due diligence. Our Ottawa City Councilor, Bob Monette stopped by Queenswood United on December 14, 2017. He wanted to express his support for our development if it is town houses, as opposed to a three story building. I appreciated his visit and candor.

It is with joyous anticipation that I look forward to continuing Living God’s Dream with you in 2018,

Respectfully Submitted by,
Reverend Nancy Best ECE, M/DIV.
The Minister of Queenswood United Church

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

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The annual statistical report was submitted to General Council in March, 2017.  The church’s annual report was also forwarded to General Council.

An Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) was purchased in May 2017, paid for by the Memorial Fund.  QUC entered into a partnership agreement with Ottawa Paramedics that registers our site as part of Ottawa’s Public Access Defibrillator Program, and which will provide us with ongoing support.  Fourteen members and friends of QUC, including our Minister and our Administrator, successfully completed a training program on CPR and use of the AED.

 Pedalheads ran a successful day camp at the church over 6 weeks during the summer of 2017.  This provided a new revenue stream for the church over the summer, and it was wonderful to have the kids around.  It is intended to continue a partnership with Pedalheads.

The Men’s Club purchased a new first aid kit for QUC.

Respectfully Submitted,
Stan Blythe

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We catered 11 events in 2017. There was a deliberate plan to reduce the number of events. There are fewer volunteers available; therefore, we want to preserve our reputation, quality of service and product. Criteria for these decisions are distance, familiar venue, one per month, familiar hosts, environmental compatibility i.e. recycling, and no disposables. We will continue to choose our catering events carefully and must raise our prices without compromising our values and service.

We all definitely appreciate our young volunteers and will advertise for the same opportunity in 2018.  Thank you to all QUC members and friends of QUC who have volunteered and contributed to our fellowship, service and success.

Respectfully Submitted,
Elayne Bonnell

Navan Fair

We are certainly appreciative of the support of the Navan Fair Board and Navan Curling Club for the opportunity to use the venue and facility during the Fair.

We are on site for all or part of six days with approximately 50 volunteers during the week. We were fortunate to have student volunteers who are a welcome asset.

This is a great deal of work but we have an excellent venue, menu and a lot of fun, whether or not the weather cooperates.

There was an over estimation in supplies purchased, so some profit is still outstanding as we sell or use our leftover assets.

We thank Rev. Nancy for leading us in a short Worship Service on Sunday morning at the Fair

The Navan Fair Board is looking forward to our participation in 2018. The Fair dates are August 9 to 12, 2018.

Hope to see you there…. at the Fair.

Respectfully Submitted,
Elayne Bonnell
Coordinator Queenswood Café

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Several meetings were held in the early spring to decide who was planting and operating the gardens and also a meeting to establish general guidelines for all the gardeners to implement in their gardens.  The guidelines that were established are subject to change as the gardens are in the early stages of development. The goal is to maintain the gardens in an organic manner.

Five-1/2 plots were available for planting in the early spring. Bob Rodney dug the other two and a half plots to bring the total plots to the 5½ number and finished the other half plot in September to make a total of six plots. Steve Williams carted the sod away. Bob and Steve also encircled the lots with a chicken wire fence. It was a lot of hard work and we want to thank them both for all that muscle power.

The church had two plots allocated to their usage. Jennie Anderson with a background in Horticulture designed the two gardens One garden was based on the ancient aboriginal concept of three plantings, known as the “Three Sisters garden”. Corn is planted in a circle in the middle surrounded by beans and squash was planted in the corners of the plot.

The other plot showcased vertical planting with many plants established growing upward. Jennie also designed the plot to make sure the seeds and plants were in compatible arrangements. It was a tasting garden and much produce was given to the congregants to enjoy and encourage interest in gardening for themselves in the future.

The established rhubarb garden produced 30 rhubarb strawberry pies for the café at the Navan fair, and the two bake tables at the Spring fling and The Christmas Bazaar.

The two plots were maintained by Jennie Anderson. Heather Lait, Sharon Boutin and some assistance from Marti Scrivens.

The other 3½ half gardens were planted and maintained by other Queenswood congregants and a member coming from the community. The gardens had diverse crops and the produce was abundant. Because of the rainfall, there was less watering required.

Next year, we are hoping that all 6 plots are gardened by congregants or members of the community with the committee taken more of an administrative approach rather than a hands-on approach.

Respectfully Submitted,
Heather Lait

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We are a small group of enthusiastic crafters who meet on Monday mornings from 9:00 to 11:30 am (weather permitting) from January to mid-May and from September until after the Snowflake Bazaar in early November. We love crafting and conversation and look forward to making items for sale.

But the Bazaar is not just a Craft Group event. It is really a congregational effort as we have help from so many people from the Choir, to chili and chicken soup cooks and servers, to creative bakers and crafters, to book, jigsaw puzzle, and DVD sellers, to sign distributors. and to our advertising co-ordinator. Thank you to everyone who helped with this major fund-raiser. A special thank you to Rev. Nancy Best as she welcomed our guests for the first time. Thanks, Nancy, for a job well done.

As in many churches and businesses, we are seeing profits from our many activities declining. It is a concern for us and, as a result, we will be convening a meeting on January 22 to discuss where we go from here.

If you have an idea for a craft or wish to join us on a Monday morning for coffee, conversation, and crafting (no experience necessary) please talk to anyone in the Craft Group – Barb Bode, Donna Booth, Helen Keeney, Marie Latter, Bev Morwick, Vi Newby, Muriel Thompson, Arlene Widdows, or Ellie Young. We are always looking for new ideas and craft donations.

The Bazaar is tentatively set for Saturday, November 10, 2018, from 8:30 to 2:00 pm. Hope to see you there.

Snowflake Bazaar Financial Statement, 2017.

Bake Table       $1,945.75
Tea Room          $484.50
Crafts               $1,941.30
Total:               $4,371.55

Respectfully crafted,
The Craft Group

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The Finance Committee is relatively new to QUC.  We have not had such a committee for several years, with Council taking on many aspects of its oversight.  Its purpose is “to manage the financial affairs of the church in the best interests of the congregation and in keeping with the over-all objectives of the church”.   Current membership consists of a Chair (Marilyn Joseph), Church Treasurer (Julia Picotte), Church Envelope Secretary (Barb Bode), and two members-at-large – Rose Marie MacLennan and Richard Dobson.  The Committee job description calls for a Fundraising Coordinator, but that position is not filled at this time.

Finance Committee’s role is largely one of oversight, to make sure the framework is in place for church finances to take place in accordance with good governance practices and in compliance with relevant legislation.  Among the Committee’s responsibilities are: implementing an annual independent review of the church’s finances; ensuring that funds received are disbursed as set out in the approved annual budget; and dealing with various financial situations as they arise during the course of a busy congregation’s many activities.

Our “job description” was established two decades ago, so Committee members have been dealing with issues as best we can as they arise, and acquainting ourselves with how our church finances work today.  As we gain in experience and knowledge we may propose changes to the “job description” so that the Committee can better help things to run smoothly.  The intent is not to install further bureaucratic steps in performing financial tasks at QUC but to clarify procedures so that they comply with increasingly stringent CRA and UCC requirements, and can be performed quickly and transparently.

 Narrative Budget (Queenswood United Church – Our Story)

One goal of the Finance Committee is to develop a “narrative budget”, or document which tells QUC’s story vis-à-vis its budget.  A narrative budget combines finances, facts and narrative – it interprets the budget to the congregation and to the world, and says “here is what our budget says about who we are and what we do”.   For instance, a major part of QUC’s “story” is one of hard-working, diligent, and dedicated individuals, who give hours of time and energy so that the church family that they cherish can flourish.  In strengthening QUC, we are doing God’s work, as a strong church community enables us to follow through on our mission initiatives under Living God’s Dream.  Finance Committee has taken initial steps to begin the narrative budget process, and will be asking various committee members and other congregational leaders for information about their church activities during the course of the next several months.  A narrative budget can be posted on our website for all to read, and can be used as a basis for marketing ourselves to the community and for attracting people who share our passion about the missions we do.  Such “friends” may never come to church on Sunday morning, but they may enable us, through their assistance with our mission work, to expand the good we can do in the community.


Rose Marie MacLennan, Finance Committee lead for Stewardship, worked with Rev Nancy and the Worship Committee to produce a five-week Stewardship presentation on the theme of “We Sing Thanksgiving”.  It’s goals were to encourage congregation members to view stewardship as a spiritual practice, and to show how stewardship of all of God’s gifts to us – ourselves (body and soul), our earth, our community, our wealth – supports ministry and mission.  Several congregation members spoke on different Sundays about why they give to QUC, with the reasons being many and varied.   On another occasion Paul Sales, United Church Financial Development Officer for our area spoke to us about legacy giving.


Another goal of Finance Committee in 2017 was to initiate the conversation about fundraising activities at QUC.  Fundraising is an important income source for QUC (23% of 2017 operating income as compared to 46% of operating income from Sunday givings including PAR), but we also acknowledge that this rate of fundraising is not sustainable in the long run.  As a congregation we need to have the conversation about which fundraising activities we should support going forward.  We should take into account such factors as energy expended vis-a-vis manpower and capabilities of volunteers, monies raised, timing of events, fun and companionship derived, gains in QUC’s community profile, relationship to mission, and other pertinent factors.  Marilyn Joseph has contacted various fundraising groups in the congregation asking for data on fundraising activities over the past few years.  Hopefully this will help all of us to make decisions about the future of our multitudinous fundraising events.

Chapel Debt Retirement

The financial highlight of 2017 occurred in June, when we finally paid off our chapel debt!  We owe enormous thanks to the Chapel Debt Committee (Barb Johns and Steve Williams) and to the “Fundraisers Anonymous” group for their leadership on this file.  Steve Williams and Pat Lackie kindly hosted a “mortgage-burning” celebration at their home in August to mark this wonderful accomplishment.  Congratulations to all!  Hooray!!

Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn Joseph
Chair, Finance/Stewardship Committee

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2017 was a productive year with communicating the yearly events through the local papers and online.  We advertise in the local papers which are the Orleans News, Orleans East News, Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa Community News, Orleans Star, as well as a few places online.  We also advertise Queenswood United Church’s services in the Church Directory in the Orleans News and the Orleans East News.  The Christmas Day and Easter Services are advertised as well at an extra cost.

We will be losing the local community newspapers as of January 2018 except for the Orleans Star.  The cost to advertise in the Star is very expensive so I will be keeping an eye out for other avenues.  Most advertising is online now so hope this will be a good stream to use.

Ron Newby and Barb Bode work together during the year to keep the website as up to date as possible.

Queenswood United Church also has a Facebook page in which photos, events and services are added to keep others informed.

I am looking forward to 2018 to continue the marketing of Queenswood United Church, and of course if anyone has any suggestions, please pass them along.

Respectfully submitted,
Barb Bode

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The Memorial Fund has been busy this past year.  At the beginning of the year, January 2017, we had $5102.90 in the Bank account.  In 2017, we took in $3377.93 in Memorial donations.  This brought the total to $8480.83.  There were expenses of $3115.25 for a Computer and the Defibrillator which left a balance of $5365.58 which coincides with the Bank account.

We have had a change of signing authorities for the Memorial account which is now Barbara Bode, Marilyn Joseph and Lynne Stacey.  At some point we will be having a meeting to go over the Memorial Fund since it hasn’t been done in close to 10 years!!

Yours in prayer,
Lynne Stacey

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The main purpose of the Men’s Club, when it was formed many years ago, was to support the church by providing for unbudgeted purchases, performing maintenance and construction tasks, as required, and to support the charities identified by the Outreach Committee, such as Centre 507 and the Mission Tree. For example, we recently bought the church’s new first aid kit. It is also able to give limited financial assistance to those in need. All of these activities are carried out through fellowship and fun. Since the inception of the Time and Talent Auction, the Men’s Club has also donated a gourmet dinner.

Money to finance these activities is collected through fund-raising. We sell books, jigsaw puzzles, and DVD’s at both the Spring Fling in May and the Snowflake Bazaar in November. At present, our group organizes the sale of mushroom compost which is a congregational fund-raiser. Until now the Club has been donating a gourmet dinner for eight to the Time and Talent Auction. Going forward, we decided that we will offer a second gourmet dinner with the proceeds going directly to the Club. Revenue surplus to our needs will be donated to the church’s operating expenses.

The membership of the Men’s Club is currently stable with eight Members. We are always happy to welcome any male, who is a member of the congregation or who is connected with it. The Men’s Club meets monthly, from September to June, in members’ homes on a rotational basis and includes a business session followed by a fellowship activity. The Men’s Club also sponsors the monthly Saturday morning breakfast at Gabriel’s Restaurant. This is a popular event with an average 10-14 participants.

The Men’s Club has also been asked to cook breakfast for the Curling Family Day and is always on hand to flip pancakes for the annual Shrove Tuesday supper.

I wish to thank the members of the Men’s Club for their support throughout the year and for their willingness to come forward when called upon. Our group is small, but it is dedicated to continuing the tradition.

Men’s Club Financial Statement

Opening Balance – January 1, 2017             $1,007.16
Total Revenue                                                 $2,896.00
Total Expenses                                                $2,649.01
Closing Balance – December 31, 2017         $1,254.15

Respectfully submitted,
Don Morwick

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MILESTONES (Statistical Report)


First baptism March 26, 2017of Dana Marie Woodland.  Her parents are Taryn Adams, and Ted Woodland. As they live in Calgary, Alta, the baptism interview was conducted by email and Skype. I used the UCC resource “Baptism In The Name Of Love”. Many of the extended family attended our worship.

Baptism September 24, 2017 of Myra Kathrine Rose Bradshaw. Daughter of Jean-Marc Bradshaw and Krystal Saunders. Sponsor, her great aunt, Holly Bertrand. The church was full, with many family members joining in the celebration.


Peter Godin died April 1, 2017. Funeral and Interment April 5, 2017 at Beechwood Cemetery.

Cheryl Keller died April 7, 2017. Funeral April 22, 2017 at Heritage Funeral Complex.

Peter John Dykeman died March 18, 2017. Funeral May 7, 2017 at Queenswood United Church.

Leonard Keeney died May 17, 2017. Legion Memorial Service May 26, 2017 at Queenswood United Church.

Doris Folkerson died July 5, 2017. Funeral July 14, 2017 at Beechwood Cemetery officiated by Rev. Tracy Fairfield.


Wedding June 3, 2017 at Litchfield Quebec between Ashley Morin and Benoit L’Écuyer. At the Mignault residence. 109 Bank Road, Litchfield, QC J0X 1K0

New Members

June 4, 2017, Pentecost Sunday, Myrna Krause officially became a member of Queenswood United Church, and was presented with a certificate.

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On January 3, 2017, QUC welcomed Rev. Nancy Best.  A covenanting service was held on March 19th with representatives from Presbytery.   After three years of transition and numerous part time Ministers, QUC is thrilled to have Rev. Best as our permanent Minister.   The first half of 2017 Rev. Best was very busy with pastoral care.  We were most grateful for the comfort and care she was able to provide during the loss of five members of our congregation.   The challenge for Rev. Best and members of the congregation is to find ways to manage daily life at QUC with only three quarter time ministry.

In late May, Rev. Best was surprised to learn she was scheduled for knee surgery on June 16th.  The surgery went well and Rev. Best returned to full time work on September 18th.  During her absence we were fortunate to have the services of Rev. Tracy Fairfield.

On September 30, two members of the M&P committee attended an M&P Workshop at City View United Church.  It was a very informative workshop that reaffirmed the role of the M&P Committee, and reiterated that while M&P works with Council to manage staff, it is not a decision making body.   Responsibilities for M&P Committees are:

  • being available for consultation and support for matters involving staff;
  • overseeing the relationship of staff to each other and to people in the congregation;
  • reviewing the working conditions, responsibilities, and compensation of all staff;
  • making recommendations needed as a result of these reviews to the governing body;
  • revising position descriptions of staff as needed;
  • conducting annual performance reviews of staff;
  • ensuring staff make use of opportunities for continuing education that they have been given;
  • maintaining close contact with the presbytery Pastoral Relations Committee.

The Committee met with Barbara Bode, Office Administrator, on October 10, 2017, for her annual performance review.  Barb continues to be an excellent employee and we are thankful her hard work and dedication.  Barb was extremely helpful while Rev. Best was on restorative leave.  Her understanding of the operations of QUC helped Rev. Fairfield during her short term employment with QUC.   An updated statement of work for the Administrative Assistant is being drafted for Council approval as a result of their decision to remove duties related to the biannual MacMillan’s fundraising campaign and the annual mushroom compost fund raiser.

I would like to thank M&P Committee Members, Marta Nuijten and Ray Bonnell for their expertise and support throughout the year.

Patricia Lackie
Chair, Ministry and Personnel

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The year of 2017 has been an interesting year for the QUC Choir as we have lost two members and have had lots of funerals to attend to as well.  Our sympathies go out to Michelle and her family and to the Keller family.  We also lost three of our good supporters of the Choir in the loss of Peter Dykeman, Len Keeney and Doris Folkerson.

Our Choir seems to hold its own with the production of anthems and songs throughout the year as we held our own at the Choirfest and managed to get through the Advent and Christmas season.  We have all our anthems picked out from January to May and will be having a Celebration Sunday the second Sunday in May.  We are currently 17 in the Choir, counting Michelle and Lynne.

Many thanks go out to Pat Messier and Katie Gratton for filling in for Lynne at the keyboard.  Also, many thanks for Kathleen for filling in for Michelle during her absences this past year.

That’s it for this past season—thanks to everyone who enjoys our music we produce each Sunday.

Yours in prayer,
Lynne Stacey

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The following report represents a slate of Officers for Queenwood United Church’s Council and Trustees.  All representatives of the Council and the Trustees must be voted in by the Congregation at the Annual General Meeting.

QUC Council

Chair Don Morwick
Chair Elect Stan Blythe
Past Chair Rose Marie MacLennan
Administration Stan Blythe
Treasurer Julia Picotte
Minister Rev. Nancy Best
Secretary Kathleen Grady-Thompson
Finance (Stewardship) Marilyn Joseph
Trustees Frank Stacey
Ministry and Personnel Pat Lackie
Property Greg Bode and Archie Newby
Worship Rose Marie MacLennan and Carol Pugsley
Pastoral Care Heather Lait and Marti Scrivens
Outreach Barb Johns and Bev Morwick
Presbytery Representatives Marilyn Joseph and Reg Best
Marketing and Communications Barb Bode
Congregational Life Bonnie Dobson and Richard Dobson
Members-at-Large Holly Bertrand
Christian Education Vacant
Youth Representative Vacant

Trustees:  Frank Stacey (Chair), Don Morwick, Stan Blythe, Rev. Nancy Best, and Rose Marie MacLennan.Note:

Rev. Nancy Best is a Trustee by virtue of her position as our Minister.

Respectfully submitted,
Rose Marie MacLennan
Chair Nominating Committee

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Our group strives to guide our congregation

– to look outside of themselves to see the people in need in our community and around the world
– To participate in local and international outreach programs.

Our program supports five Local Agencies:

1)  Orleans Cumberland Community Resource Centre
2)  Centre 507
3)  The Well
4)  KIVA
5)  Miriam Centre


The Committee was delighted to welcome Gail Marcogliese to our Committee.Thanks once again to Don Morwick (our honorary member) for providing & printing the fridge magnets reminding the congregation of the items required and the dates of the appeals.


In 2017 Outreach continued its support of the CRC by organizing food appeals throughout the year. Outreach stays in close contact with the CRC to organize donations for the most urgently requested items.


This appeal collected much needed toiletries items for distribution to clients at Centre 507 and The WELL which enables them to maintain proper hygiene, improve self-respect and clean up before job interviews.


A spring appeal was carried out to collect paper products (Sanitary napkins, Depends, Kleenex) a pressing need for the women at The Well.


Our annual Christmas Mission Tree Appeal was enthusiastically supported again this year by QUC.  Two trees were heavily decorated with donations of warm clothing (hats, toques, mitts, gloves, long underwear, socks etc.) to brighten the lives of those most in need.  Thanks again to honorary member, Muriel Thompson for her help obtaining clothing bargains from Giant Tiger.  These donations of adult clothing were promptly delivered by Committee members to Centre 507, and the Well.


The Christmas challenge as, in past years, was based on the philosophy of sharing a portion of one’s Christmas largesse with those most in need in our community.  Response was wonderful and the QUC community contributed $1,460.00 dollars to make Christmas brighter for those who have so little.  To assist with their breakfast program, a check for $550.00 was sent to Centre 507 and a similar donation of $550.00 was made to The Well.  The remainder of the funds ($360.00) was sent to the CRC.


Thank you for supporting our Bread for Bread program on communion Sundays.  This year the program was again successful raising $599.57. All of your coins are used to provide soup and sandwiches to the hungry who come to Centre 507 seeking support.All these gifts help create for those without a voice a place of hope and love.


Every year, the Outreach Committee initiates a Lenten project where we widen our community Outreach to assist global communities or other organizations.  This year, our theme was “Hearts Beating for the Homeless, “to further our QUC vision of aiding those most at risk and supporting affordable housing.   Therefore, our 2017 Outreach Lenten project was to raise awareness of the Multi-Faith Housing Initiative (MHI).MHI “brings together a coalition of faith groups, local businesses, civil society and governments to establish innovative, collaborative solutions to create affordable housing. “Each week a different MHI project was presented to the congregation.   Our Committee encouraged QUC members to pledge funds for the annual MHI Tulipathon Walk at Dows Lake in May.   Our project was very successful and $871.00 was raised for MHI, illustrating QUC’s strong commitment to the concept of affordable housing. A Lenten project should be a commitment to take something on rather than to give something up.

  • The WELL

In addition to supporting The Well through our various appeal programs, Outreach member, Marti Scrivens, volunteers weekly assisting with literacy activities and Pastoral Care.   Donations of used clothing from QUC members are also delivered to The Well throughout the year.

  • KIVA

Since 2012, our participation in Kiva has been yet another example of QUC’s commitment and generosity for supporting those in need.  The KIVA initiative is managed very ably by Outreach member Lucie Deschamps who aims to make loans in different locations for a variety of small businesses that will best help vulnerable groups achieve self-sufficiency.  In, 2017 we supported 15 new loans ,2 of which have been totally repaid and 6 others that are more than 50% repaid. We received 4 full repayments on some of the 2016 loans.Each year a donation is given to the Kiva Organization. This year a $25.00 donation was made on the December 11th, 2017.    We begin the new year with a Kiva credit of $15.98

Kiva Quote: “Love and compassion are necessities not luxuries.  Without them humanity cannot survive.”


      This year the Outreach Committee participated in a new activity, casserole lunches at Centre 507.   In the spring, members prepared and served hot lunches to clients of the Centre. This initiative worked very well, and members enjoyed the opportunity to interact with the clients who appreciated the meals, as a change from soup and sandwiches.

Outreach No Cost Projects


Outreach again supported this organization that helps provide love and compassion to mothers.  To assist the Centre, throughout the year, members were asked to continue to bring buttons, stamps, and used jewelry and place them in the three pretty little Outreach boxes.  Outreach also collects gently used baby items and delivers them on a regular basis The Miriam Centre puts all of these items to great use. Thanks for helping.Awesome, hardworking, committee members:
Bev Morwick, Helen Keeney, Helen Tweddle, Lucie Deschamps, Marti Scrivens, Gail Marcogliese and Vi Newby.
Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Johns, Chairperson

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2017 was a very busy year internally within the church as well as externally as we continued to outreach to other churches within the Orleans area as the co-ordinators of the Community Pastoral Care Group

Within our church we suffered many losses of members. The Pastoral Care team supported grieving family members as they came to term with their losses. The team continued to make home visits, hospital visits, telephone support calls, mail cards and supply meals as necessary. All services are done in a confidential manner with utmost respect for the individual and /or family. Pastoral care advertises their contact information in the CNN news. Please do not hesitate to call us

This year as part of our education series, there were two offerings. These opportunities were also offered to other churches. Queenswood United Church and Orleans United Church offered an eight-week Caregiver series (once a week for 2 ½ hours) that was organized by Heather McGrath from Orleans United and Elayne Bonnell from Queenswood United. Two of the speakers were Rev. Caroline Penhale from Orleans United and Rev. Nancy Best from Queenswood United. There were approximately 24 participants from various churches. This workshop was well received and there are plans to do a grieving workshop in the spring of 2018.

The other speaker was Kristy Whyte who spoke on “Nutrition that fights Stress” on April, the 19th.Her background includes a degree in Kinesiology as well as nutrition. She is also a personal trainer at Movati. The information gave us all an opportunity to look at our eating habits and make improvements for better health.  Again, this speaker was well received.

Other programs that we continued this year are “the Strawberry Social” held in conjunction with the Sunday School Picnic and the Shortbread Cookie Tins given out at Christmas time. We also continue to support the Bazaar in November and the May Spring Fling by making muffins and coffee for the workers.</p>

Community Pastoral Care Team

We continue to coordinate the meetings of the Community Pastoral Care Teams. We keep the contact lists current, arrange for the agenda for the meetings and communicate information to other churches and organize the quarterly meetings. We also chair the meetings.

The churches participating so far are Orleans United, Queenswood United, Navan-Vars United, Resurrection Lutheran Church, Community Pentecostal Church, Grace Presbyterian Church and Divine Infant Churches. Periodically, we put out information about these meetings to other churches to attract further participants. In these meetings, we share information about each others’ programs as well as invite other churches to participate in speakers’ sessions as well as any open events in each other churches.

We also resolve current problems that other churches are experiencing. There was an overlap of churches going in to give church services and communion in retirement homes. Now, there is a volunteer coordinator who organizes the locations and dates.

As a group we also deal with problems that other churches have encountered. The community Pentecostal church brought to our attention the information about the residence that was now housing street people from downtown in our community of Orleans. Montfort Residence houses 48 men and women dealing with addictions as well as mental health issues. This residence is close to their church and they are now offering a food bank, as the majority of residents cook their own meals and find their resources get limited towards the end of the month. To welcome the residents to our community, we in conjunction with the other churches have given two turkey dinners with all the trimmings at both Thanksgiving as well as Christmas. Ten volunteers from the churches interacted with the residents at both these events. The volunteers enjoyed interacting with the residents on both occasions.</p?

Our committee members are:
Sharon Boutin, Gail Marcogliese, Heather Lait, Kathie Ritchie, Lynda Rodney and Marti Scrivens.

Respectfully Submitted,
Heather Lait, Co/chair

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Ottawa Presbytery http://www.uccanottawa.org/ meets monthly between September and June.  It’s theme for the January to June portion of 2017 was “Regeneration”, and for the September to December portion was “Threshold”.  Threshold is a state of being in transition from one place to another.  The entire United Church of Canada is now in this state because of the denomination-altering changes dictated by the remit process.  Traditionally, threshold is a sacred space where, because of an uncertain future, one can experience hope, anxiety, fear and excitement.  What we need to remember is that God was with us in the past, will be with us in the future, and He is with us now.</p?

Regeneration of Faith Communities: 

Among many other “regeneration” initiatives, Presbytery’s Mission Strategy Team hosted a one-day workshop in March 25, where experts were available to answer congregations’ questions and concerns about revitalizing themselves, given the new realities of declining attendance and concurrent financial constraints.   QUC had 5 congregational leaders ready to attend, but unfortunately, only Rev Nancy Best was able to attend as the other delegates were all ill that day.  Nancy was asked to make herself available for questions during the lunch break as Queenswood was mentioned as being a pastoral charge which had undergone the visioning process and is now working on realizing its chosen mission dreams.  Thank you Nancy for valiantly representing Queenswood all alone, even though you were exhausted by a particularly difficult week!

There have already been positive results from the workshop, as several churches in the southeast area of the city are now getting together to see what they can do going forward.

Threshold of Change:     Behold, I make all things new” (Revelation 21:5)

Remits:            https://www.gc42.ca/remits

Ottawa Presbytery has now voted on all eight remits, with results as follows:

Remit 1:  Three Council Model – passed by Ottawa Presbytery, and UCC in general
Remit 2:  Elimination of Transfer and Settlement – passed by Ottawa Presbytery, and UCC
Remit 3:  Office of Vocation – passed by Ottawa Presbytery, and UCC
Remit4:  Funding a New Model – passed by Ottawa Presbytery, and UCC
Remit 5:  Ministry Partners – passed by Ottawa Presbytery, no results yet for UCC
Remit 6:  One Order of Ministry – did not pass at Ottawa Presbytery, no results yet for UCC
Remit 7:  Candidacy Pathway – passed by Ottawa Presbytery, no results yet for UCC
Remit 8:  A Step Towards a New Model of Membership – passed by Ottawa Presbytery, no results yet for UCC

As a result of the hard work of Presbytery leaders, and the cooperation of local pastoral charges, all pastoral charges in Ottawa Presbytery submitted votes on the first 4 remits.

As a pastoral charge, Queenswood was asked to vote on Remits 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6.  QUC Council passed Remits 1 – 4, and will vote on Remit 6 at the January 2018 meeting.

Regional Boundaries:

In answer to the new structural model being adopted by the United Church of Canada as per the “yes” vote on Remit 1:  Three Council Model , the UCC formed a Boundaries Commission, a decision-making body tasked with setting up geographic boundaries for Regions across Canada,.  It is working within a very tight timeline.  Its preliminary report is due no later than January 10, 2018, and the final report no later than May 10, 2018.  As of January 1, 2019, both Conferences and Presbyteries will cease to exist, and be replaced by regional councils, which will cover a much greater geographic area than our current Presbyteries.   Current boundaries of Presbyteries and Conferences date to unification in 1925.Ottawa Presbytery has been very proactive in its involvement with the Boundaries Commission – it has sent delegates to Commission meetings held in Northern Ontario, held a workshop in October 2017 to gather feedback from local congregation members, and made the principle order of business of its November 2017 meeting to formulate Presbytery’s input to the upcoming Boundaries Commission report.  The concern is for the proposed boundaries to be based on logical criteria, and to take into account affinities – linguistic, cultural, programming, and other – that will make it easier for the pastoral charges within these new much-larger geographical areas to work productively together.  As of yet we don’t know much.  What will we lose?  What will we gain?  What will be the real challenges that pastoral charges will face, and when will we know what they are?  Some transitional steps will take place prior to the December 31, 2018 cut-off date, but we probably won’t know what we are facing until the regional boundaries are determined and the Regions begin to decide how to function.

Multifaith Housing Initiative


MHI is an Ottawa-based interfaith group, formed in 2002 to specifically provide safe, clean affordable housing to the people of Ottawa.

It’s objective is to model peace and co-operation among all faith groups as they work towards a common goal of helping those in our community.  The MHI welcomes members of faith groups of all backgrounds, and currently counts individuals of many faiths – Shia and Sunni Muslim, Orthodox and more liberal Jewish traditions, Baha’i, Christian (of various denominations), Unitarian, Hindu etc among its members and volunteers.  In the words of Executive Director Suzanne Le “Multifaith collaboration is what distinguishes MHI, and at a time when there are problems across the world, MHI is an example of how we can all work together.”

QUC renewed its annual $100 membership in MHI for the second year as part of its mission to support those in need of affordable housing.  In addition, three members of QUC walked in the annual Tulipathon fundraiser, and collected over $800 from the congregation to donate to MHI’s efforts in our community.

Presbytery’s year-long fundraising campaign in support of MHI’s The Haven initiative was a resounding success, raising about $123,000 (much more than the $100,000 pledged) and raising awareness among pastoral charges.  All 98 units of The Haven are now fully occupied by about 350 individuals, many of whom are children.  For many of these people, this is their first “forever” home.  While residents live in their own homes, The Haven includes common areas such as a community room, community kitchen and basement.  The community is multi-ethnic and multi-racial, and has already come together to build a play structure and a community garden, modeling how different groups can live together productively.  MHI, in recognition of Presbytery’s contributions to The Haven, has named the community room “The Dr Anne Squire Community Room” to honour the first female lay Moderator of the UCC, who passed away in April of this year.

Funding Sources for Mission work:

As QUC continues to work towards our chosen missions under Living God’s Dream, various groups can keep in mind that Presbytery offers some sources for mission work funding.

Mission Strategy Ministry Team

  • This is a Presbytery level team, which grants money to pastoral charges to help support new mission and ministry possibilities, as well as to expand current endeavors
  • Grant recommendations by the team must be approved by a vote at Presbytery
  • Presbytery receives 15% from sales of church property, and some of that money is allotted to Mission Strategy for local mission

Mission Support Ministry Team

  • This team receives requests from various UCC missions within the Presbytery, but requests must be approved by the Conference Mission Support Committee and forwarded to General Council for action
  • The money comes from Mission & Service funds of the UCC, and up to 100% of a request can be granted
  • Presbytery received 4 requests for 2017, totaling $34,000
  • The requesting missions were: Aylwin Pastoral Charge, Carlington Community Chaplaincy, Centre 507, and Grace Pastoral Charge

Presbytery meeting of Tuesday October 10, 2017

October’s meeting was co-hosted by Orléans United Church and Queenswood United Church, at the OUC location.  Rev Nancy co-lead the worship, and Elayne Bonnell co-reported on the activities of the Orleans Pastoral Care Network, of which QUC is a part.  QUC catered the event, and although the turnout for both dinner and the meeting was less than usual, feedback on the dinner was uniformly enthusiastic.  There was special thanks conveyed by a clergyperson who greatly appreciated the offering of a complete gluten-free meal, and attendees loved the autumn table decorations provided by Bev Morwick and her crew.  Such attention to detail was very favourably remarked upon.

I submit a monthly Presbytery report to Council. If you are interested in reading about Presbytery meetings, programmes, workshops etc, please do not hesitate to ask to see the reports. They are available in the chapel office as part of monthly council minutes, or ask me, and I will email you a copy of the reports.

Also, please do not hesitate to ask me if you have any Presbytery-related questions. If I don’t know the answer I will try to find it for you.QUC’s alternate Presbytery Representative is Reg Best.

Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn Joseph
Presbytery Representative

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Reverend Nancy Best’s name was added to the front sign on our property.  The sign was also leveled.We replaced the original hot water tank that QUC had been leasing it since the Chapel was built.  The new tank was purchased and installed by J.C. Energy in June, 2017.

There was another minor outbreak of ants in the Minister’s Office during the summer.  They were controlled by an over the counter product called “Ant Out”.Once again, J.P. LeBrun from the Seventh Day Adventist Church stripped, cleaned and waxed the floors in the Chapel.  J.P. advised this would be his last time for him to clean the floors.  He suggested that QUC buy a commercial wet/dry vacuum cleaner and a buffing machine and he would show us how to clean the Chapel floors.  He also suggested that if the floors were buffed once a month we would not have to clean, strip and wax the floors annually.  This of course would save time and money.   The salesperson at Swish confirmed that monthly buffing would make the wax job last three years.  Estimates for a buffer and commercial grade wet dry vacuum would cost approximately $2,500.

Batteries in the smoke and CO2 detectors were changed in the fall.  The furnace filter was changed twice, November and February.  The emergency lighting in the Chapel was checked once a month to ensure it was working.

Once again Donna MacDonald kept our front gardens looking beautiful over the summer months.  Peter Visser was helpful doing odd jobs and with the tightening/repair of chairs in the fall.  Archie Newby continued to be a great support over to the year with repair of our doors and maintenance in general.  Bob Rodney helped out with outdoor property jobs.  Elayne Bonnell was instrumental in ensuring garbage got to the curb every week.  Thanks to everyone who helped me with property jobs during my tenure as Chair of Property.

Submitted by,
Stephen Williams
Chair, Property

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The 23rd annual Time and Talent Dinner & Auction was held on March 24, 2017, at Orleans United Church, 1111 Orleans Blvd., Orleans.  We began our evening with a wonderful Lasagna dinner, catered by our own QUC Catering group and volunteers.  Our theme was for the celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday so everything was in red and white.

We were pleased to have Chad Simmons again to do our Live auction and once again he was so much fun to have.The Committee members, Barbara Johns, Marilyn Joseph, Carol Pugsley and Barbara Bode want to thank everyone who donated items and to those who came to support this fundraiser as well as all of the volunteers for their part in the running of the auction.  A special thanks to the Catering Group for a fabulous lasagna dinner complete with salad, bread, dessert and coffee.

Time & Talent Auction Committee
Barbara Bode, Barbara Johns, Marilyn Joseph and Carol Pugsley

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What would we ever do without our Volunteers!!  There are so many jobs at QUC that need Volunteers, it is too many to name them all.  If you see someone who is doing a job, whether it be organizing coffee, putting up banners, doing the garbage, counting money, or whatever it is—-be sure to thank them—we couldn’t do without them!!

Volunteers are:

–Really great
–Somewhat awesome

Be thankful to them all!!

Yours in prayer,
Lynne Stacey

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2017 has been a year filled with many important events. As we welcomed Rev. Nancy Best into our Queenswood United family, we developed a close bond with her and rejoiced in the new aspects she has brought to our worship. We acknowledge all the hard work that Rev. Nancy and all of the committees and congregational groups have contributed this past year, helping to make 2017 a year of continuing success.

The transition to three quarter time for our minister and congregation is a significant adjustment, affecting all areas of the work and life of our beloved church. The Worship Committee continues to evaluate how to provide meaningful services and support to Rev. Nancy in our ministry.

With great collaboration, the Worship Committee provided support for the services throughout the recuperation time following Rev. Nancy’s knee surgeries in the summer months. We thank Rev. Tracy Fairfield for her capable summer supply, worship leadership and preparation for Rev. Nancy’s return.

The QUC staff and congregational support enabled us to continue such traditional services such as: Holy Humour Sunday, Celebration Sunday, Anniversary Sunday, Remembrance and Healing Sunday, the Mission Tree, Lessons & Carols and Christmas Eve Communion Evening Service. The Christmas Eve pageant “Michael, the Mouse” was a big hit. Thank you to all participants for their enthusiasm, creative costumes, and overacting skills!

Attendance: down an average of 10 people. Average attendance is currently 42.

Participation of QUC members is significant in the areas of greeting, reading of scriptures, drama presentations, collection of offering and Communion preparation and service. Thanks to Peter Visser and Ray Bonnell for their continuing assistance in setting up on Sunday mornings. Thanks also to Reg Best for his assistance with the technical aspects of our worship services.

The Celebration of Light & Life continues as a project which illuminates our sanctuary and acknowledges the significant events of QUC members throughout the year. This year is our 14th year and saw 90 such contributions.

The Choir remains an integral part of our service. We are grateful to our choir director, Michelle Godin and pianist, Lynne Stacey for leading the choir in thoughtful, meaningful and joyful gifts of music. We thank the soloists and extra musicians that added a special touch to many services. The QUC congregation has always shown the choir an enthusiastic appreciation and we salute the glorious, energetic, praised-filled Sunday singers. Together we make a joyful noise.

Services at the Queenswood Villa Retirement Residence are well appreciated and will continue monthly. All are welcome to join us for the singing, prayers and conversation.

As a congregation, we have felt the loss of several of our church family this past year. We remain strong due to the support we show to one another.

For all those who worship with us, thank you for your humour, your understanding and forgiveness when things do not go as planned, your participation, your sense of community and fellowship, your presence and your sharing of spiritual practice. Most of all, thank you for working together to discern God’s plan for QUC.  Amen.

Members of the Committee are:

Elayne Bonnell and Carol Pugsley: Co-Chairs, Rev. Nancy Best, Barb Johns, Michelle Godin and Lynne Stacey.

Respectfully submitted,

Elayne Bonnell and Carol Pugsley co-chairs of Worship Committee

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