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Table of Contents

Minister’s Message
Council Chair
Catering Group
Congregational Life
Craft Group
Debt Reduction Committee
Gardening Group
Marketing and Communications
Memorial Fund
Men’s Club
Ministry and Personnel Committee
Nominating Committee
Outreach Committee
Pastoral Care Team
Presbytery Report
Property Report
Statistical Report
Supply and Transition Ministry Search & Support Committee
Time and Talent Dinner & Auction
Worship Committee



It is a bit of a challenge for me to write the message about the year that you experienced in 2016.  By reading the Annual Report I have some indication of the feelings you had, and work that was done.

I know that it was a year of more transitions.  It is a challenge to have multiple ministers, knowing they are there for a specific time only.  There is both the excitement, and anxiety of going to a JNAC, and striking a search committee.  It is a great deal of work by that committee to read the resumes, and make the short list.  There are interviews to conduct, containing some very poignant questions about the applicant’s faith, leadership, and experience.  People work very hard to match the right Minister with the culture and vision you have at Queenswood United Church.  Speaking as the successful applicant, I can attest to the fact that it is a two way street.  I was delighted to be chosen, but I also chose you! What drew me to you is the fact that you are a small, community oriented, faith community. You are warm, welcoming, accepting, and hard working. Life giving relationships are vital to how happy I am and how effective I am in ministry.  I know we will have that together.

Outreach is an essential aspect of your Ministry at Queenswood.  You have worked to have a clear vision of how you will live the Gospel Good News.  I admire that vision, and the desire to Partnering with Other Churches, and Helping People at Risk.  I am watching plans with other churches begin to gel.  You have the skills, gifts, and talents to realize that you are indeed Living God’s Dream.

I am so impressed with how much fundraising is done at Queenswood.  You are a mighty team!  You are real presence in the community, especially for the Snowflake Bazaar, Time and Talent Auction and lunches at the Navan Fair.  You cater delicious meals that feed body and soul. You have been passionate about reducing your debt. Congratulations.

You are looking at ways to utilize your property in a manner that will help others, and sustain Queenswood financially.  By working with Edge in the initial stages, you are doing so in a responsible way.  It is exciting to be on a journey of exploration, and moving forward together.

Worship and music are pillars of this congregation. It is inspiriting to be with a congregation that is open to various ways of worshipping, and being in relationship with God.  I look forward to incorporating drama, guided meditation, and other creative ways of worshipping our Creator.

Thank you for welcoming me and my family into your midst. My husband Reg and I are excited to be part of the Queenswood United Church family.  We share your vision of being a beacon of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love to our church and community, and to support social justice issues.

Respectfully submitted,
Reverend Nancy Best
Queenswood United Church
The United Church of Canada




This past year at Queenswood has certainly been very busy, having presented us with challenges and hard work by many, but also with considerable accomplishments.  I will be honest in saying that there have been times when I have said to myself – does being “church” today have to take so much time and energy?  Well, in reflecting on that question, I would submit that the answer is certainly yes, right here, and right now!

Being church, in our case, being Queenswood United, and also being part of the United Church of Canada means at this particular time that we are asked to focus on several important tasks.  We are asked to discern and focus on our mission, explore how we accomplish it in partnership with other communities of faith and community organizations, and confirm the desired impact of our actions on our neighbourhood, our local community, and the larger world.

So, what have we learned and accomplished this year?

Through the experience of hiring and working with two short term appointed ministers, we as a congregation learned what skills and talents in a minister were crucial for us as a community of faith.  It was also through this experience that we learned what it was like to have a half-time and three quarter time minister, and what work would need to be done by the congregation, in part-time ministry.  These learnings were necessary to enable us as a congregation to realistically reflect on our ministerial needs going forward.  Most sincere thanks goes to all who assisted in the hiring, and provided the ongoing and very active support of our short term appointed Ministers.

Considerable time, effort, and energy were focused this year on completing the United Church of Canada requirements to effectively search for our newly called Minister.  This work provided us with the opportunity to confirm our identity, and our vision, as a community of faith.  It started with the work of the Joint Needs Assessment Process Committee to gather information to describe in detail our skills, talents, capabilities, and challenges as a community of faith, and our vision for truly making a difference in the lives of others, as active followers of Jesus Christ.  The active participation and enthusiasm of the congregation during the related Congregational Workshop was truly wonderful to experience.  Your ability to confirm and to embrace the vital importance of our vision was heartwarming to say the least! Your contribution greatly assisted the Committee, and in turn our church to present us and our ministerial needs very clearly to potential minister applicants.  That is also the type of discussion and conversation amongst us, which is much needed on key issues, as we go forward together.

With the congregational input, the Joint Search Committee was fully able to present their finalized report and the position vacancy advertisement to potential minister applicants.  After interviews and evaluation, the recommended candidate was presented to Council and the Congregation in September.  The result has been the recent arrival of Reverend Nancy Best on 1 January 2017.  We are blessed to have her as our Minister.  You have been quick to welcome her as only Queenswood can do, and I thank you for your support of her arrival and presence among us.  We were not the only seekers.  She also sought us, as a community of faith, to minister to our spiritual needs, but also to minister with us, in our challenges in being active Christians out in the community, in the mission or outreach zone.

We at Queenswood are also blessed to have the established credibility for sincere community outreach, the result of hard work and the gifts of time, talents, and treasure, by so many over the years.  This work continues and grows through the continuous efforts of our Outreach

Committee! Our Vision calls us to further that work, to ensure that our Vision becomes Action.  This year, in relation to Living God’s Dream, conversation cafes were held to encourage those who were interested to ask questions and exchange ideas, on the three areas of focus; namely, garden development, support for seniors and their caregivers, and property development.

The Garden Group initially discussed the possibility of a prayer garden, but the focus subsequently turned to developing an initial community garden effort, which in fact resulted in our active provision of food for the Food Bank of our local Community Resource Centre, helping to ensure that those in need would have nutritional food to eat.  The diligence and perseverance demonstrated in this beginning effort and the result are noteworthy.  The sun often beat down, and the weeds needed to be gone, but the work was done!  Thank you!

The Pastoral Care Team initiated a series of educational sessions on topics of interest to seniors which were appreciated by those who attended.  Seeking the opportunity for possible partnerships regarding the needs of seniors in our community, they demonstrated leadership in helping to establish a group of pastoral care teams from various local churches, who are focused on programming initiatives to meet the needs of seniors and others who are at risk in our community. Partnerships with people concerned for those at risk can enable us to participate in developing the much needed community response, which we cannot do alone. Well done!

Council has been exploring the possibility of property development with the Edge Network, the resource consultant group within the United Church, to which congregations may request customized services, based on congregational need.  After meeting with the Edge Real Estate Development Team representatives in late May, the Council decided to engage the team to complete a Congregational Viability Assessment Report regarding future development of our property.   That report has been received and discussed by Council, and the AGM provides us with an opportunity to share available information with you on where our exploration now stands.  Council’s intent is to call for congregational conversation, as soon as we have detailed information to present to you, for congregational consideration and decision.

So, what is ahead for us this year?

The focus and energy associated with the initiatives under the banner of Living God’s Dream will continue and will hopefully expand this year.  We will have the opportunity to learn about best practices and lessons learned from other churches or community or government organizations that have information to share that could benefit our own three initiatives.  We will explore the possibility of property development with the Edge Network, and learn more from other housing initiatives, like the Multi-Faith Housing Initiative.  We will continue to strive to be the hands and feet of God here in this place, and out there in the community!

All of our energy towards being the hands and feet of God for others on Earth is encompassed in the word Stewardship.  This will be a key focus for us going forward, for we will actively explore what it means for us, now at Queenswood.  Five individuals from QUC will soon attend a workshop on regeneration or congregational renewal, sponsored by the Mission Strategy Team at Presbytery.  We have made considerable progress in this regard, but knowledge gained from the workshop could further assist us in our own renewal as well. Finally, but not lastly, Council will be voting on the various upcoming UCC Remits that relate to vital aspects of what the United Church may look like in the near future.  I invite you to get involved by reading the Remit information available and then sharing your ideas and thoughts with Council members, prior to the upcoming individual Remit votes by Council.

In closing, I thank each and every one of you, for your time, talents, and treasures devoted to the spiritual ministry at Queenswood, and beyond.  This past year of transition has asked much of many of you, and you have responded, because of your belief in God, and our belief in the spiritual experience of God, both in our own sacred space, and in our community.  Truly, the experience of God in our community of faith is like no other I have experienced.

Thanks be to you, Thanks be to God!

Respectfully submitted,

Rose Marie MacLennan

Council Chair




Annual Statistical Report

The annual statistical report was completed in March and submitted to the United Church General Council office along with a copy of our 2015 Annual Report.


Our insurance company confirmed that our policy covers church activities but does not cover events organized by others such as renters. In March 2016 Council decided that our rental procedures had to change to require renters to provide proof of insurance.  Based on the recommendation of our insurer we began to require renters to arrange $2,000,000 general liability insurance and to make Queenswood United Church an insured party under their policy.  Over a period of several months we helped our renters to arrange the necessary coverage, and this is now a standard part of every new rental agreement.  This proved easy for group and business renters to manage, but remains difficult for individual family events.


The status of the portables was clarified with respect to insurance coverage and the Fire Code.  The buildings are covered under our insurance policy for general church usage.  Also, the Activity Room of the portables (the first room you enter) satisfies the Fire Code for public usage so long as occupancy is limited to 60 people and the requirements for a single emergency exit, exit sign, emergency lighting and fire extinguisher are met.

Update of Membership Roll

At the request of Council, a project was commenced to update the church’s Membership Roll.  So far:

  • All the data from the Roll has been entered into a database
  • The archives were searched for contact information for as many members as possible
  • The Active Residents Lists were searched to ascertain when members had last been active
  • As of October, 2016 the church had 292 members, of whom 194 had not been active since before 2011. Contact information was found for about half of those inactive members.
  • Letters were sent to all 98 inactive members for whom contact information could be found. They were invited to reengage with the church and advised that if they didn’t contact us within 3 months, Council would be asked to remove their membership status.
  • Some letters have been returned as undeliverable, some people have advised that they wish to resign as members, and some have advised that they wish to remain members.

Once the 3 months’ pass, Council will be asked to consider the membership status of those to whom letters were sent.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment

The UCC Manual (2016) requires Council to keep the Membership Roll up to date and to remove “the names of members who, in the governing body’s opinion, have been absent for too long without a reasonable excuse”. 

The QUC Constitution states that “A member shall cease to be considered active when they have not attended worship or supported this Church with time and/or money for three yearsThe member must be notified in writing of their change in status and their name shall be removed from the Active Member list (Roll) by an act of Council”

We have now identified 194 members who have been inactive for more than 5 years and have sent letters to those for whom we have contact information.  The problem is that we have no contact information for approximately 100 of these inactive members. The requirement for written notice in the QUC Constitution is a problem.

Council therefore recommends that the Congregation approve a Constitutional amendment to remove the requirement for written notice, and simply require that an attempt be made to notify inactive members of their change in status.

Note that anyone whose membership status is revoked can simply ask Council to reinstate them whenever they wish.

 Upright piano

Council decided that it was too expensive to heat the portables during the winter.  The upright piano in the portables required heat to maintain its condition, and it is surplus to our requirements, so that piano was sold.

Automatic External Defibrillator (AES)

Council is considering the purchase of an AES for the church.   The City of Ottawa is currently clarifying its policy and rewriting the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that it enters with public bodies who install an AES and wish support from Ottawa Paramedics.  Council has decided to wait until the City finishes its policy update.

Respectfully submitted,

Stan Blythe, Chair Administration


Our events in 2016 were fewer in number but more profitable. We did 16 catering/hospitability events.  As well, we assisted with the “Fundraisers Anonymous” projects.  Our standards remain high: particularly in presentation, service, décor, environmental stewardship, quantity and quality. The spirit of volunteerism and fellowship is inspiring and invigorating, in spite of the work involved.

In 2017 we will again review our prices, accept requests closer to home, with a higher potential for profit.

Thank you to Orleans United Church for their support and generosity with rental and kitchen use and referrals. Thank you to all who continue to contribute so generously of your time, talent and service.

Navan Fair

We were so well prepared: staffing, setup, food, but the heavens opened and we were rained out Friday and Saturday, resulting in at least 200 fewer customers. Our arrangement with the Fair Board ensures an income from the Opening Ceremonies, platters, lunches etc., but the Café was not nearly busy enough. Income from Board of Directors bookings was $3000 and from the Café $2330.  Expenses $1600.  Our costs go up every year.  We adjusted the menu and increased our prices.  Many of our leftovers were sold or kept for future QUC events (coffee, pop, bread, soup, ice cream). Our advertising and marketing was improved, despite missing signs left with the Fair Board in 2015.  We would like to invest in weatherproof, reusable signs for 2017.  Thanks to Don Morwick for signage on short notice. Volunteers remain enthusiastic, energetic and productive.  We were blessed with eight students who were most helpful and are very interested in returning in 2017.  55 volunteers participated in total.  Without you it can’t be done.  Thank You.

Respectfully submitted,

The Catering Gro


We are singing an anthem every Sunday for the Church service from September to May when we have our Celebration Sunday–usually the second Sunday in May.

We really do miss Adele Hamelin and welcome Sara back to the Alto section after being away in Toronto for about a year.

We were a part of the Orleans Choirfest in 2016 and raised $1043 for each of the Christmas Food Banks for Cumberland and Gloucester.

We welcome Nancy Best as our new minister and she is appreciative of the Choir being around each and every Sunday!!

It is with thanks that we give Muriel Thompson our debt to putting away anthem music and helping Michelle Godin with this task.  Also, thanks to Elayne Bonnell who also helps with this task.  It is with thanks that the Choir is in debt to Michelle for taking us on each and every week to get us ready for the anthem presentation each Sunday.  It is also thanks that Lynne is able to get replacements for her when she needs it for the keyboard—mostly Katie Gratton and Cheryl Keller who have filled in.  It is also thanks we owe Kathleen for filling in for Michelle when she is away.

Singing in music and harmony,

Lynne Stacey



In this transition year, there were many days of congregational togetherness but only a couple were official events.  A Harvest supper/potluck was held October 22nd and it was a huge hit!  Lots of food, fellowship and laughter!  Thanks to Elayne Bonnell for all her effort!

The second event was the Christmas Wine and Cheese held at the home of Gail and Mark Marcogliese.  Although the attendance was small, the fun and Christmas spirit was huge.  Big thanks to Gail and Mark for their hospitality!

Submitted by Carol Pugsley

On behalf of Muriel Thompson,

Chair of Congregational Life

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Pugsley

On behalf of Muriel Thompson

Chair of Congregational Life



This group of dedicated crafters meet most Monday mornings (weather permitting) from 9:00 to 11:30 am from January to mid-May and from September until after the Bazaar. Our goal is to make special Christmas ornaments and decorations for our annual Snowflake Bazaar. In 2016, this event was held on November 5 from 8:30 to 2:00 pm. This is “Bazaar Weekend” as St. Helen’s Anglican Church and the Queenswood Villa Retirement Residence also hold their bazaars on that day to encourage people to attend all three. Our sale was very well attended.

The Craft Group couldn’t do this event without the help of so many people, from crafters to bakers to chili and soup makers to book collectors, everyone helps!

A special thank you to the Josephs, Marilyn and Albert (our super salesman!) who managed the Bake Table again this year. Thanks to everyone who provided baking, jams, or pickles to make the wonderful evidence of Queenswood’s creative cooks. Marilyn and Albert have high praise for their phoning crew who called everyone in the congregation to request contributions for the table. Thank you also to all those who helped with set-up, pricing, and selling. It is really a group effort.

The Tea Room is a wonderful place to meet and visit with friends and enjoy a bowl of Terry Thompson’s chili or Lynda Rodney’s chicken soup. Yum!! Thanks to Terry, Lynda and the gracious servers who helped so willingly.

So many people help with the Bazaar: from the Choir who move the piano, empty the hall, and set up tables on Thursday night, to Pastoral Care who provide welcome coffee and muffins on Saturday morning, to the Men’s Club who set up tables for the Bake Shoppe and run their most successful Book Sale, and then help take down everything ready for Sunday morning, to Rose Marie MacLennan for her warm welcome of our shoppers, to Barb Bode for arranging our new permanent advertisement signs and to the Men’s Club for putting them out on the Sunday before the Bazaar and retrieving them afterwards; Barb also made sure the Bazaar was advertised in the local print media as well as the CNN and Sunday Bulletin Insert.

A special thank you must go to all the members of the Craft Group who work so hard (but have fun as well) to make the Bazaar a success. If you have an idea for a craft or want one repeated, please talk to anyone in the Group – Barb Bode, Donna Booth, Helen Keeney, Marie Latter, Bev Morwick, Vi Newby, Muriel Thompson, Arlene Widdows, or Ellie Young. We are always looking for new ideas.

We invite anyone who has a free Monday morning to join us for Coffee, Conversation, and even Crafting. No experience necessary! If you can’t make it on Mondays and you have a creative talent, please talk to anyone in the Group about sharing some of your work!


Snowflake Bazaar Financial Statement.

Bake Table                $2,220.00

Tea Room                  $   427.00

Crafts                          $1,998.75

TOTAL:                      $4,645.75

Respectfully crafted,

The Craft Group.



The chapel debt took a huge “dive” in 2016.   Thanks to personal donations and fund raising events throughout the year our debt as of today is approximately $20,500.00.  As you know the last $9,000 will be forgiven by the Extension Committee as a return of interest paid.  This leaves a balance owing of approximately $11,500.  Needless to say, this is very exciting.  While we may be small we continue to be mighty.  Unlike many other United Churches we read about, we have been able to maintain our building and pay off the majority of our debt in a very short time frame.  Everyone deserves to be congratulated for all that you have done to make this a true success story.

Special thanks to all of the fundraising events hosted by “Fundraisers Anonymous” and the “Catering Group”.    Fundraiser Anonymous organized several events including two afternoons of two lunch and bridge, the sale mums for Mother’s Day and fudge for Father’s Day, bake table at Navan Garage Sale, auction canteen in Smiths Falls, 5th Avenue Jewellery Party, an evening with Debra, the sale of meat pies and the Victorian Tea.  The Catering Group donated half of the profits from the canteen/bake sale at the Navan Craft Fair, the sale of peanut butter balls, profit from the pancake supper as well as many other donations from the sale of baked goods.

One of the Committee principles is “no amount of money is too small to collect”.  This principle was realized by the collection of wine, beer and spirits bottles which brought in $537.80 in 2016 towards debt reduction.

With QUC’s ongoing commitment to make monthly loan payments of $450, plus additional payments based on the growth in the Contingency Fund, as well as continued fundraising activities, the Committee is hopeful that our Chapel Debt will be paid by December 31st, 2017, or sooner.

Don’t forget that the sooner the debt is paid the sooner our monthly budget commitment will be reduced by $450, AND the sooner Stephen will make good on his promise to buy pizza for everyone to celebrate our “debt free” standing!

Thank you again!  2017 is looking like a wonderful year for QUC.

Respectfully submitted,
Barb Johns and Stephen Williams
Chapel Debt Committee



The development of a garden was one of the three programs of “Living God’s Dream” established by the congregation. The council voted in an amount to begin this program.

A call went out for volunteers to begin the process of planning the garden. The planning committee consisted of Sharon Boutin, Steve Williams, Muriel Thompson, Rev. Erin Burns, Stan Blythe, Donna MacDonald, Marta Nuijten and Heather Lait. Initially, the planners wanted a memorial garden for seniors to sit in a calming space; however, when they heard that St. Helens Anglican Church was planning a large flower garden, the planners decided to do a vegetable garden with the produce donated to the Food Bank. Also, an amount of the allocated money went to shrubs surrounding the front sign.

The working committee, consisting of Steve Williams and Bob Rodney, removed the sod and dug the two plots. Sharon Boutin, Steve Williams and Heather Lait dug and planted the shrubs around the front sign. Bob Rodney repainted the letters on the front sign improving the visibility of the sign.

Our first two garden plots were very abundant with much produce going to the Food Bank. The garden planters and caretakers were Lynda and Bob Rodney, Sharon Boutin, Steve Williams and Heather Lait. We had many donations from the church congregation; ie, seeds, plants, top soil, rain barrels and garden furniture. Thank You all for your donations.

Plans for the future are 2 further plots for garden vegetables. Also, we want to reach out to the neighborhood to take on the responsibility of planting and caring for the gardens.

Respectfully submitted,

Heather Lait



 2016 was a productive year with communicating the yearly events through the local papers and online.  We advertise in the local papers which are the Orleans News, Orleans East News, Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa Community News, Orleans Star, as well as a few places online.  We also advertise Queenswood United Church’s services in the Church Directory in the Orleans News and the Orleans East News.  The Christmas Day and Easter Services are advertised as well at an extra cost.

Ron Newby and Barb Bode work together during the year to keep the website as up to date as possible.

Queenswood United Church also has a Facebook page in which photos, events and services are added to keep others informed. Thank you to Carol Pugsley who provides us with many photos of our events.

Four large metal sign holders were donated to hold our signage for the Snowflake Bazaar and the Spring Fling.  We had professional black & white signs made up this year which look great when posted at the four different locations for advertising these 2 events.  We thank Bev Morwick for a donation to help pay for the Snowflake Bazaar signs.

I am looking forward to 2017 to continue the marketing of Queenswood United Church, and of course if anyone has any suggestions, please pass them along.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Bode



 There has been some action in the Memorial Fund this past year as $505 came in for the Fund for Audrey Morgan who was 102 years old.  A donation came in for the Choir from the family of Audrey Morgan and this money was used to buy an Accompanist Book for the pianist as well as anthem music for the Christmas season.  The balance at the 31 Dec 2015 was $4597.90 and the present balance as of the 31 Dec 2016 was $5102.90.

If anyone has any donation they would like to put into the Memorial Fund, please contact Lynne Stacey.

Yours in Memoriam,

Lynne Stacey, Chair



From its inception, the purpose of the Men’s Club has been to support the church by performing maintenance and construction tasks, as required; to give to the charities identified by the Outreach Committee, such as Centre 507 and the Mission Tree; and to provide limited financial assistance to those in need. All of these are carried out through fellowship and fun. Unfortunately, it has become necessary for the Men’s Club to adopt a policy which specifies that all requests for financial help must be made through the minister. For the past several years the Men’s Club has also donated to the annual Time and Talent Auction.

Money to finance these activities is collected through fund-raising. The Men’s Club sells books, jigsaw puzzles, and DVD’s at both the Spring Fling in May and the Snowflake Bazaar in November. At present, our group organizes the sale of mushroom compost which is a congregational fund-raiser. Going forward, we propose selling a greater volume of compost and guaranteeing the church a fixed return. Any additional money will go to the Men’s Club. Until now the Club has been donating a gourmet dinner for eight to the Time and Talent Auction. In 2017 we will be offering a second gourmet dinner with the proceeds going directly to the Club. It has been agreed that a percentage of the additional revenue will be donated to the church’s debt reduction plan.

The membership of the Men’s Club is currently stable with eight men. However, we are always on the look-out for new members. Any male, who is a member of the congregation or who is connected with it, is welcome. The Men’s Club meets monthly, from September to June, in members’ homes on a rotational basis and includes a business session followed by a fellowship activity. The Men’s Club also sponsors a monthly Saturday morning breakfast at Gabriel’s Restaurant. This is a popular event with an average 10-14 participants.

In addition to its fund-raisers, the Men’s Club has jointly with two other churches, provided a Valentine’s brunch for the women of the congregation. There has been no decision on whether this will continue. The Men’s Club has also been asked to cook breakfast for the Curling Family Day and to flip pancakes for the Shrove Tuesday supper.

I wish to thank the members of the Men’s Club for their support throughout the year and for their willingness to come forward when called upon. Our group is small but it is dedicated to continuing the tradition.

Respectfully submitted,

Don Morwick


2016 was a year of seemingly continual change for Queenswood United Church. The one constant presence was the Office Administrator, Barbara Bode, doing her usual, excellent job of keeping the church office running smoothly throughout.

The M&P Committee was involved, to some degree, with the selection of several ministers. With Rev. Erin Burn’s announcement of her summer termination and with little prospect of a called minister before the end of the year, a committee, including a member of the M&P Committee, was formed to locate and appoint another interim minister. Concurrently, a Search Committee, also involving some members of the M&P Committee, was given the task of finding a permanent minister. Unfortunately, during this process, the Rev. Dr. George Hermanson who was appointed to replace Rev. Erin suffered a major stroke before he was able to join us.  Consequently, an ad hoc committee, also involving a member of the M&P Committee, was struck to locate and fill the third ministry appointment.  This committee was happy to be able to welcome Rev. Martin Carnahan to Queenswood United. After meeting all summer, the Search Committee was delighted to call Rev. Nancy Best to our church, commencing January 3, 2017. Ray Bonnell, our payroll person, has been kept busy keeping ADP up-to-date this year.

The Worship Committee was outstanding in providing continuity and guidance to the congregation during the gaps between ministers and should be commended for its dedication and enthusiasm.

On the M&P Committee’s recommendation, payment of the Office Administrator’s salary was transferred to ADP mid-year. This was done to among other things, provide transparency to Barb’s cheque-writing duties.

In November, the M&P Committee conducted its annual review of the Office Administrator’s performance. Barb is carrying out all of her duties in an exceptional manner and is the outstanding “face” of Queenswood United Church. Together with the Chair of the Worship Committee, Elayne Bonnell, she has been instrumental in providing continuity for our ministers. Barb is very enthusiastic about her job. Because she is cheerful and willing to help, the M&P Committee was obliged to seek Council’s approval of a policy giving it the authority to review all work requests of the Office Administrator.

I wish to thank Pat Lackie, Marta Nuijten, and Ray Bonnell for their expertise and support throughout the year. It was my pleasure to have been their spokesman. After many years as Chair of the M&P Committee, I will be leaving it in the capable hands of Pat Lackie.

Respectfully submitted,

Don Morwick, Chair



The following report represents a slate of officers for Queenswood United Church’s Council and Trustees.  All representatives of the Council and the Trustees must be voted in by the Congregation at the Annual General Meeting.  Please also note that the intent is to remove the name of one of our current Trustees at their request, while presenting the name of another person willing to serve in that capacity.


Chair                                                             Don Morwick

Chair Elect                                                   Vacant

Past Chair                                                    Rose Marie MacLennan

Administration                                             Stan Blythe

Treasury Committee Representative      Julia Picotte

Minister                                                         Rev. Nancy Best

Secretary                                                       Kathleen Grady-Thompson

Finance (Stewardship)                               Marilyn Joseph

Ministry and Personnel                              Pat Lackie

Property                                                         Steve Williams

Worship                                                         Elayne Bonnell and Carol Pugsley

Pastoral Care                                               Heather Lait and Marti Scrivens

Outreach                                                       Barb Johns

Presbytery Representatives                      Marilyn Joseph and Reg Best

Marketing and Communications              Barb Bode

Congregational Life                                    Vacant

Members-at-Large                                      Christine Hutchinson

Lucie Deschamps

Holly Bertrand

Richard Dobson

Christian Education                                   Vacant

Youth Representative                                Vacant

Trustees:  Frank Stacey, Don Morwick, Rose Marie MacLennan, Rev. Nancy Best,

and Stan Blythe

Note:  Reverend Nancy Best is a Trustee by virtue of her position as our Minister.



Our group strives to guide our congregation

– to look outside of themselves to see the people in need in our community and around the world

– To participate in local and international outreach programmes.

Our program supports five Local Agencies:

1)  Orleans Cumberland Community Resource Centre
2)  Centre 507
3)  The Well
4)  KIVA
5)  Miriam Centre


This year has been a year of change for the Outreach Committee as we lost long time member Corrinne Feasey.  However, at our last meeting of 2016, the Committee was delighted to welcome a new member to Outreach, Vi Newby.

Thanks once again to Don Morwick (our honorary member) for providing & printing the fridge magnets reminding the congregation of the items required and the dates of the appeals.


In 2016, Outreach continued its support of the CRC by organizing food appeals throughout the year. Outreach stays in close contact with the CRC to organize donations for the most urgently requested items.


This appeal collected much needed toiletries items for distribution to clients at Centre 507 and The WELL which enables them to maintain proper hygiene, improve self-respect and clean up before job interviews. 


A spring appeal was carried out to collect paper products (Sanitary napkins, Depends, Kleenex) a pressing need for the women at The Well.


Our annual Christmas Mission Tree Appeal was enthusiastically supported again this year by QUC.  Two trees were heavily decorated with donations of warm clothing (hats, scarves, toques, mitts, gloves, long underwear, socks etc.) to brighten the lives of those most in need.  Thanks again to honorary member, Muriel Thompson for her help obtaining clothing bargains from Giant Tiger.  These donations of adult clothing were promptly delivered by Committee members to Centre 507, and the Well.


This year, the Outreach Committee assumed responsibility for the stewardship message for the White Gift Challenge at QUC.   The approach, as in past years, was based on the philosophy of sharing a portion of your Christmas largesse with those most in need in our community.

Response was wonderful and the QUC community contributed $1,084.30 dollars to make Christmas brighter for those who have so little.  To assist with their breakfast programme, a cheque for $400.00 was sent to Centre 507 and a similar donation was made to The Well.  The remainder of the funds ($284.30) was sent to the CRC.


Thank you for supporting our Bread for Bread program on communion Sundays.  This year the program was again successful raising $574.85.    All of your coins are used to provide soup and sandwiches to the hungry who come to Centre 507 seeking support. 

   All these gifts help create for those without a voice a place of hope and love.

  1. LENTEN PROJECT – 2016

Every year, the Outreach Committee initiates a Lenten project where we usually seek to widen our community Outreach to assist global communities.  However, this year as a Lenten Project, the Outreach Committee invited the congregation to join with us in an inward centered project – one of Renewal, Revival, and ultimately Rejoicing, instead of a monetary outward focused one.  The objective of our project was to address the question of how to continue to be a committed and caring Church when we are weary and challenged by transition.  The emphasis was on caring for ourselves, physically and spiritually when we have been asked to do so much.  Therefore, Outreach drafted three different daily prayers – one for use on rising, one when dining and one upon retiring for the day, and handed out, in the form of a bookmark, a different set of prayers for the first five weeks during Lent.  The prayers were intended as sustenance, to rejuvenate QUC members when weary and to encourage members towards self-love and caring.  At the bottom of the bookmark, a section was included to be torn off and completed weekly with a brief description of an action of self-care.  Members were encouraged to bring their entries to the Church, so that Outreach could share their actions with the congregation to encourage others to make the conscious effort to pause, and care for themselves to revive body and soul.

A Lenten project should be a commitment to take something on rather than to give something up.

  1. The WELL

In addition to supporting The Well through our various appeal programs, Outreach member, Marti Scrivens, volunteers weekly assisting with literacy activities and Pastoral Care.   Donations of used clothing from QUC members are also delivered to The Well throughout the year.

  1. KIVA

Since 2012, our participation in Kiva has been yet another example of QUC’s commitment and generosity for supporting those in need.  The KIVA initiative is managed very ably by Outreach member Lucie Deschamps who aims to make loans in different locations for a variety of small businesses that will best help vulnerable groups achieve some self- sufficiency.  From January to October 2016, 7 new loans were made which are in the process of being repaid and there is $25.00 in the bank.    In addition, there are still 5 loans from previous years that are being repaid.

Kiva Quote: “Love and compassion are necessities not luxuries.  Without them humanity cannot survive.”


Outreach again supported this organization that helps provide love and compassion to mothers.  To assist the Centre, throughout the year, members were asked to continue to bring buttons, stamps, and used jewelry and place them in the three pretty little Outreach boxes.  Outreach also collects gently used baby items and delivers them on a regular basis The Miriam Centre puts all of these items to great use. Thanks for helping.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Johns, Chairperson

Awesome, hardworking, committee members:

Bev Morwick, Helen Keeney, Helen Tweddle, Lucie Deschamps, Marti Scrivens, Cheryl Keller and Vi Newby.



It was a busy year for the Pastoral Team to meet the needs of our congregation members.  Because of the changing nature of the ministry at Queenswood United Church, increased demands were put on the members of the team.  As well, the team continued to meet the goals of the established programs of Pastoral Care. The team continued to make home visits, hospital visits, telephone support calls, mail cards and supply meals as necessary. All services were done in a confidential manner with utmost respect for the individual and/or family.

Pastoral Care advertises their contact information in The CNN news as well as the Weekly Newsletter. We ask that members of Queenswood Church do not hesitate to call us.

Part of the QUC’s program” Living God’s Dream” is information programming and support for seniors. Education, concerning seniors has been given a priority within our group. We, as committee members are attempting to increase our knowledge base of senior services in the Ottawa area so we can act as resources for our church members. As part of this education process, we also arranged for four speakers from the community. They spoke on How to Arrange Affordable Funerals (done by a Not for Profit Funeral Organization), Safe Gardening (done by a Master Gardener), general information about Alzheimer’s and Care for Alzheimer patients and their families (both talks were given by a nurse who specializes in dementia cases).  We hope to continue this education series into 2017. If there is any topic that you wish our committee to pursue, please bring this to our attention.

Also, as part of “Living God’s Dream”, we realized that our committee needed to “Network” with other Pastoral care teams from other churches to further meet the needs of our seniors.  Rev. Erin Burns arranged for the first meeting of the area churches held at QUC in July.  The meeting was well attended and a subsequent one at QUC was held in September.  The churches decided to meet on a quarterly basis as well as open information sessions for seniors to all church denominations. Our Pastoral Care team collates all this information about other churches’ speakers and then distributes it to all the other area churches for their information. We hope to expand into other seniors’ programs that will be available to QUC’s congregants. We realize that our space is limited; however, other churches do have space to expand their seniors’ programming. We have expressed an interest in assisting with their programming and having accessibility of our congregants to their future programs.

Other programs that we continued this year are “The Strawberry Social” held in conjunction with the Sunday School Picnic and the Shortbread Cookie Tins given out at Christmas Time. We also continue to support the Bazaar in November and the May Garage sale by making muffins and coffee for the workers.

Our committee members are:  Sharon Boutin, Gail Marcogliese, Janice Lewis,

Heather Lait, Kathie Ritchie, Lynda Rodney and Marti Scrivens.

Respectfully submitted,

Heather Lait



I have served as Queenswood’s Presbytery representative since March 2016, and have learned a tremendous amount about how Ottawa Presbytery and the United Church of Canada function.  The first few meetings comprised a “getting-to-know-you” phase, but I quickly realized there is work and worship to be done at every meeting.  I have met many people who work extremely hard and who go above and beyond to support the needs and work of all of the pastoral charges in Ottawa Presbytery, and to help keep us vibrant and relevant in our communities.

Above all, I have learned that the relationship between Presbytery, congregations, ministry personnel, members of the court (presbyters), and the United Church of Canada, is not just a political or business relationship, it is covenantal in nature.  We engage in the work of Presbytery because God invites us and holds us in covenant with one another.  It is inspiring to see the genuine passion for accomplishing God’s work held by countless individuals at Presbytery. I have been very impressed with the thoughtfulness, sincerity, and compassion shown by our local clergy as they lead discussion and worship, and by the work ethic and experience of Presbytery’s leaders.

Consistoire d’Ottawa Presbytery:  www.uccanottawa.org

Ottawa Presbytery, part of Montreal and Ottawa Conference, consists of 59 pastoral charges serving over 18,000 United Church members.  The geographic area covered includes the City of Ottawa and some surrounding area as well as Western Quebec.  More than 100 ministry personnel and over 100 lay representatives are members of Presbytery.  It is one of the largest presbyteries in the United Church, and as such is able to offer much support to its member pastoral charges.  Monthly meetings, with the exception of June, July and August, are held at various churches.

Decision – making rests with the “court” (presbytery members), although the court regularly grants full decision-making powers to the Executive Committee between Presbytery meetings.  Each presbyter is expected to take part in a Ministry Team, some of which are:  Chaplaincy, Education and Students, Diversity, Pastoral Relations, Christian Development, Ministries in French, Faith and Arts Ottawa, Global Partners, Mission Strategy, Organization of Pastoral Charges, Property, etc, etc, etc.  These Ministry Teams provide much support to pastoral charges, both for one-time and ongoing needs. During our JNAC process and search for a permanent minister over the past year and a half, Queenswood availed ourselves of a considerable amount of help from Bryan Giffin and Rev Robert Merritt of the Pastoral Relations Ministry Team.  As of January, 2017 I will be a member of the Archives Team.

Youth Ministry:  Presbytery supports youth ministry through a dedicated Yaya Minister; events such as Worshiplude held annually during Winterlude;  support for several summer camps, among them Golden Lake Camp, Rideau Hill Camp, and Camp Awesome;  participation at Presbytery meetings;  mission trips abroad;  opportunities for activities within pastoral charges, and much more.

Project Footprint:  In 2015 Ottawa Presbytery committed to reducing the carbon footprint of its buildings by 25% over 5 years.  This year, we partnered with Faith and The Common Good to collect data to determine the current carbon footprint of every building, including our own chapel and portables.  This initiative will act as a test case and pilot project to establish a national strategy for the whole United Church.

2016 – 2017 Theme:  Regeneration

This is a time of denomination-altering changes for The United Church of Canada at all levels.  We are now in the midst of dealing with eight remits proposing fundamental changes to the organizational relationships of the UCC, that were approved at GC42 (42nd General Council) held in Corner Brook, NL in August, 2015.   Presbytery, as one of the four “Courts” of the UCC must vote on all eight remits:  we held votes on and passed three remits at our June meeting and two in December.  Two others are to be voted on in April 2017.  The final remit will be dealt with prior to February 2018. Pastoral charge councils must vote on five of the remits, and Presbytery staff have offered workshops to help all congregation members become informed.  I found the workshop that I attended to be very informative, and encourage any interested congregation member to come to the next offering.

Presbytery is committed to helping pastoral charges discover God’s call to them when faced with the new reality of declining church attendance and concurrent financial constraints.  Presbytery meetings have included presentations from organizations which are working with congregations, and we have heard individual case studies of churches who have been very successful in regenerating themselves.  We have also seen some of our fellow congregations who are very stressed, and feeling directionless and worried about their futures.  At Queenswood we are strong compared to many, and are working diligently towards fulfilling our vision of Living God’s Dream.  I am looking forward to further offerings from Presbytery, which will hopefully help us to discover more supports in the community and from Presbytery itself in developing our mission at Queenswood.

Alternate Presbytery Representative – Carol Pugsley

Carol attended 2 Presbytery meetings in 2016

I attended 5 Presbytery meetings in 2016

Both of us were away in September, so QUC did not have representation, however I reported on the September meeting in the October report using the September minutes provided.

Workshops, Conferences, Training attended:

  • May 28, 2016 – Montreal and Ottawa Conference AGM, Hudson, QC
  • November 19, 2016 – M&O Travelling Road Show:  Workshop for Trustees, Stewardship and Outreach Committees, Emmanuel United Church
  • November 30, 2016 – Workshop on Remits #1 and #2, Rideau Park United Church (with Heather Lait)
  • I submit a monthly Presbytery report to Council.  If you are interested in reading about Presbytery meetings, programmes, workshops etc, please do not hesitate to ask to see the reports.  They are available in the chapel office as part of monthly council minutes, or ask me, and I will email you a copy of the reports.

Also, please do not hesitate to ask me if you have any Presbytery-related questions.  If I don’t know the answer I will try to find it for you.

Respectfully submitted,

Marilyn Joseph

Presbytery Representative



Abell Pest Control was hired in March to spray for ants in and around the Chapel at a cost of $226.00.  There was a 100 day guarantee but fortunately there was no need to call Abell to respray.

Denis Ladouceur, the snow plowing contractor, graciously cleaned the grit from the parking lot free of charge.

The remaining five ash trees were cut down by Bob Rodney, Stan Blythe, Earl Tamblyn, Richard Giles, and Stephen Williams.  The branches were chipped by Alig Tree Service and removed on May 30th at a cost of $200 plus HST.

On May 30th College Pro Window Cleaners cleaned the outside of the chapel windows and the inside of the second level windows.  They were kind enough to take down the stained glass so it could be cleaned.  They also cleaned the fan.  Pat washed the blinds in the chapel, cleaned the screens and washed the inside of the lower chapel windows.

Two garden plots were dug and planted in the spring/summer.  Stan Blythe installed a rain barrel beside the garden.  Church volunteers watered the plants over the summer and delivered the harvest to the Cumberland Community Resource Centre.  Bob Rodney dug a third garden in the fall and it is ready for planting in the spring once compost has been added.

The flower garden around the Church sign was dug up, the day lilies were removed and new shrubs were planted by Heather Lait and Sharon Boutin.

The SDA installed a new sign at the entrance-way to our property, and Bob Rodney touched up the paint on our Church sign to make it more eye catching.

Stephen Williams did a number of minor repairs and maintenance throughout the year, e.g. the replacement of furnace filters, a faulty smoke detector, smoke detector batteries and the installation of a carbon monoxide detector outside the furnace room.   He replaced the rotted plywood on the south end of the portables at no cost to the church and repaired the down spouts on the portables so the water runs away from the building.  In the summer, he and Bob Rodney trimmed and shaped the shrubs in the islands of the parking lot and in front of the portable.

Archie Newby was very helpful to the Property Committee during 2016.  He replaced the door stops in the washrooms and the drain in the kitchen sink.  He repaired the wall in the men’s room cubicle and installed a new toilet paper holder. He also installed an emergency exit light above the entrance door to the portable.  In November, he repaired the broken door closure on the front door to the Chapel.  The individual responsible for the damage paid for the repair.  A special thanks to Pete Visser for helping Archie with many of these repairs.

Chapel Windows were repaired by Orleans Mirror and Glass in June.  The front window in the Minister’s Office requires additional repair and the final bill will not be paid until clarification from the Company.  Their final billing is more than the estimate and the invoice needs to be changed.

The electric eye, i.e. photocell, for the outside lights was replaced by Don Danis Electric.  He also replaced and upgraded all non-functioning outside lights at the back of the chapel with LED bulbs.

In the fall, two shingles came off the west side of the Chapel.  Four roofers gave estimates to re-shingle the roof.  The estimates varied from $4,480 (plus HST) to $7,980 (plus HST).   According to the roofers, the shingles were coming off because of poor installation and poor quality shingles. After discussion with Council it was decided to exercise risk management and only replace the two shingles that had blown off.   Stephen and his son, Marc, replaced these shingles at a cost of $25.00.  While this was a temporary fix, it is expected that the west side of the chapel roof will need to be re-shingled within the next 3 years.

We are very grateful to Donna MacDonald for taking care of the flower gardens at the front of the Chapel.  Her efforts make the Chapel look so welcoming.   Special recognition and thanks to Elayne Bonnell and Peter Visser for collecting, sorting and putting out the Church’s garbage.

Again, the Property Committee is thankful to J.P. Lebrun from the SDA who stripped and waxed all the floors in August.   Thanks as well to Elayne Bonnell, Peter Visser, Archie Newby, Stan and Sue Blythe helped to move furniture.

Respectfully submitted,

Patricia Lackie/Stephen Williams

Co-Chairs, Property Committee




  1. Penelope Eleanor Bonnell January 31, 2016
  2. Theodore Andrew Hugh January 31, 2016
  3. Nylah Violet McKie Croteau November 20, 2016


  1. Sharon Boutin July 31, 2016
  2. Daphne Charles May 15, 2016
  3. John Lehman July 31, 2016
  4. Gail Marcogliese July 31, 2016 


  1. Katherine Ruggiero March 5, 2016
  2. Cheryl Ann Murphy June 29, 2016
  3. Audrey Lillian Morgan October 2, 2016
  4. David Madill July 29, 2016

 Transfers – In

  1. Christine Hutchinson May 15, 2016

Marriages (none)




At last report, our short term appointed Minister Rev. Erin Burns had just accepted our offer to continue in that capacity at three quarter time, until 31 January 2017.  However, Rev. Burns subsequently informed us with due notice that she had accepted a call to another local church, on a full time basis.  With such an opportunity, we congratulated her and sincerely wished her well.  Her official last day of appointment to Queenswood United was 31 August 2016.

Given the need to seek another short term appointed minister to cover the upcoming period until our called minister could arrive, the appointment opportunity was again advertised.  In June 2016, Rev. George Hermanson was offered the appointment, after the selection process had been fully completed.  Unfortunately, he was not able to begin his appointment, due to circumstances beyond his control.

Due to the absence of ministry personnel at Queenswood effective 1 September 2016, Bryan Giffin of the Presbytery Pastoral Relations Committee once again became our Pastoral Charge Supervisor, representing Presbytery in all pastoral charge matters.  Since several of the members of the original Committee were unable to begin another selection process, the Acting Chair of the Committee, Don Morwick gathered an ad-hoc Committee together from our pastoral charge to complete that work in conjunction with Bryan Giffin, as the Presbytery representative.  As a result of that selection process, Rev. Martin Carnahan became our short term appointed Minister during the period of 6 October to 31 December 2016.  In the interim, Elayne Bonnell, as Chair of Worship Committee, had ably ensured the spiritual leadership of our services during the summer as required, the total month of September, and for the first Sunday of October.

With the arrival of Rev. Nancy Best as our called Minister effective 1 January 2017, the mandate of the Committee had been fulfilled.  The Supply and Transition Ministry Search and Support Committee was formally stood down by Council at their meeting on 24 January 2017, acknowledging very sincere appreciation of all those who gave of their time and expertise in the various selection processes, and in the ongoing support provided to our two Appointed Ministers.

Rose Marie MacLennan

Chair, Supply and Transition Ministry Search and Support Committee



The 22nd annual Time and Talent Dinner & Auction was held on March 4, 2016, at Orleans United Church, 1111 Orleans Blvd., Orleans.  We began our evening with a wonderful Lasagna dinner, catered by our own QUC Catering group and volunteers.  This year we had a fun time with it being a Hawaiian theme evening.

We were pleased to have a new auctioneer this year, Chad Simmons from Finch Ontario, 45 minutes south east of Ottawa.  Chad is a young fellow who has been working as a professional auctioneer for 3 years, and auctioneering is his livelihood and his passion.

The Committee members, Barbara Johns, Marilyn Joseph, Carol Pugsley and Barbara Bode want to thank everyone who donated items and to those who came to support this fundraiser as well as all of the volunteers for their part in the running of the auction.  A special thanks to the Catering Group for a fabulous lasagna dinner complete with salad, bread, dessert and coffee.

The 23rd Time & Talent Dinner & Auction will be held on March 24, 2017 once again at Orleans United Church.

Respectfully submitted,

Time & Talent Auction Committee,

Barbara Johns/Marilyn Joseph/Carol Pugsley/Barbara Bode



Without volunteers our Church would not be able to function!!  There are so many functions that our volunteers do each and every week one cannot even guess what they are!!  Every walk of life in Queenswood United is affected by volunteers.  With our volunteers, they are:

N–never ending
R–retiring and ready

It doesn’t matter whether they are counting money, putting up chairs, doing music, cleaning, doing a fundraising job or whatever it is, be sure to THANK them when you see the job is done!!

Yours in volunteering,

Lynne Stacey



What a difference a year makes!  We begin 2017 with our chosen minister, Reverend Nancy Best.  We celebrate her arrival and acknowledge the hard work completed by the various committees and congregation.  Thank you.  Thank God.

Our appreciation is extended to those leaders, clergy, licensed Lay Worship Leaders and spiritual guides who kept us going through the changes, challenges and chaos.

We name Rev. Erin Burns, LLWL’s Marta Nuijten, Marni Hunt-Stephens, Rev. Bill Mercer, Outreach Committee speaker Susanne Le, EDGE speaker Bob Richards and Rev. Martin Carnahan; as well as the members of the Worship Committee.

With great collaboration, we were able to maintain those services and traditions that currently are important to QUC:

  • Holy Humour Sunday, Celebration Sunday, church picnic, church at Navan during the fair, Anniversary Sunday (speaker Bob Richards), Remembrance & Healing (held in the morning), the Mission Tree, Lessons & Carols and Christmas Eve Family and Communion services.

Attendance:  down an average of 10 persons from June to January.  Average attendance is currently 52.

Members of our Committee are:  Elayne Bonnell, proposed Co-Chair Carol Pugsley, Christine Hutchinson, Barb Johns, Lynne Stacey and Michelle Godin.

The participation of QUC members is significant in the areas of greeting, reading of scriptures, child care, drama presentations, collection of the offering & Communion preparation & service.

Thank you also to Ray Bonnell & Peter Visser for assistance in setting up on Sunday mornings and to those who help with setup and take down and lighting of candles.  Thank you to Barb Bode for her expertise and patience with the additional work required by Worship Committee in 2016.

The Celebration of Light & Life continues as a project which illuminates our sanctuary and acknowledges the significant events of QUC members throughout the year.  This is our 13th year!  2016 saw 66 such contributions.

And then there is the Choir.  We are grateful to our pianist Lynne Stacey, choir director, Michelle Godin and choir for thoughtful, meaningful, spirit-filled gifts of music.  Thank you to soloists Katie Gratton, Caitlen Blaney, Mark Smith, and for special offerings from Kathleen Grady-Thompson & Terry Thompson, Carol Pugsley & Rose Marie MacLennan, Dahlia & Owen Bonnell, Elayne Bonnell & Barb Bode and Michelle Godin.

Piano supply was provided by Cheryl Keller, Katie Gratton, Caitlen Blaney, and Pat Messier.  The congregation has always shown enthusiastic appreciation to the Choir and we salute you – the glorious, energetic, praise-filled Sunday singers.  Together we make a joyful noise.


Services at the Queenswood Villa Retirement Residence are well appreciated with 8-15 residents attending.  We will continue monthly.  All are welcome to join us for the singing, prayers and conversation.  Watch CNN for the dates.

Our goals for 2017 center around building a working relationship with Rev. Nancy which invites spiritual growth, solace, praise and thanksgiving, more prayer…serving God.  For all who worship with us, thank you for your humour, your understanding and forgiveness when things go wrong, for your participation, your sense of community, fellowship, your presence and your sharing of spiritual practice.  Most of all, thank you for working together to discern God’s plan for QUC.  Amen.

Respectfully submitted,

Elayne Bonnell for Worship Committee:

Barb Johns, Michelle Godin, Lynne Stacey, Christine Hutchinson